Wednesday, October 28, 2009

today D:

Well today, i woke up
totally saw an annoying bitch
and made my day super duperly horrible
then when i got ready i told her to go
and then we went by car even though we can go by bus
which is like one minute away
oh geeez she got me annoyed
and i told her shuddup
then she is like "OMG"
then like swung her hand at me and slapped me
yeah and believe it or not i kinda
werent in the mood for her shit so i was about to choke her
i know i know..
i sound like a psycho
but just dont get me on my bad side and everything would be alright
serious i am like not in the mood for shit atm
and she just had to push it
and now i am angry and annoyed at her
like omg i just wanna hit her again and again
well yeah thats the morning

In the afternooon...

i was like annoyed all day and got angry at everyone
but like i love playing 13 hahahaha
the one thing that could make me happy for a little while
well me and my friends
were playing 13 in the breaks which was pretty awesome
everyone was swearing and laughing and having fun
i had only 3 subjects today haha it was not bad
of a day lol
could have been better but cant complain

woah this is starting to become like a long blog
so i'm gonna stop it here haha
hope this doesnt change how you think of me haha
well cya and take care

Friday, October 23, 2009

i dont know what to write...xD

well i'll just write some random stuff hahas
first of all i dont know whats happening at the moment
everything is getting harder and harder in life
soooo stressful
and not to mention people in my life that have made things worse for me
for example friends, family etc
wow you can like write anything in a blog
it can be about urself or anyone else
just letting out abit of whats inside of me at the moment
someone nearly made me explode like a volcano erupting
i hope i never do that but it cant be helped
if it happens it happens
it isnt my fault that it decided to crack
it was who ever made me tick
not gonna mention any name though
hmm well thats enough for today
i think...
or maybe i might write more
who knows..

well take care and have fun today everyone
farewell for now xD